Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Should Kick Myself

Apparently, somewhere along the line, we Mainers let a bill get passed that outlawed kids from being able to 'observe' wine-tastings. It went into effect Sept. 12.

I try and stay on top of bills and laws being bandied about, proposed and passed. I missed this one completely.

It seems rather innocuous, and really, it won't negatively effect me as I don't have any kids to bring to wine tastings. But still, it's arbitrary. I'm a bureaucrat. It's in my very nature to guard against the arbitrary!

This law doesn't affect kids viewing people drinking in bars or restaurants or even on street corners. The only alcohol drinkers that are too risque for the eyes of our wee-ones are wine tasters. I guess it's cuz we so hot. Still it's arbitrary, verging on discriminatory. And just plain stupid. Kick me.

The nice thing about Maine though, is it's never too late or impossible to change a law. I shall get busy on that.

For more detail HERE is a story from a local paper.

Salut, Linny

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintner Wannabee

Why wine?

Wine is such an enigma. It makes me feel refined and cosmopolitan, not to mention a bit coquettish. At the same time I get all homey and comfortable before the first glass is fini'.

I'm starting this blog in hopes of keeping my desire to actually make some wine until I can get the stuff together to do it.

My plan:

Get a wine-making kit and make some wine using some concentrate until I get the hang of things.

By next fall, hopefully, I will attempt to make some wine with all, or some of my foraged goods - blueberries, quinces, chokecherries, staghorn sumac, and maybe rose hip (I've never harvested these but I've spotted them in various places nearby). I'd also like to try to make mead - I like mead. I have honey-making acquaintances that will hopefully give me a good deal.

While this is all happening, it will be imperative that I taste, sample, use and abuse various wines to educate myself in 'what makes a good wine'.

I will also query the masses via the internets. Starting here:

Tell me reader and connoisseur,
What, to your tastes, makes a glass of wine a lil' blessing from the heavens?

~Salut Linny