Friday, May 7, 2010

The Face of Spring

I do a lot of window gazing at work. At the moment, outside my window is a brilliant sea of dandelions.

I work in an renovated old hospital building (a mental hospital) with a big front lawn. A couple years ago the grounds crew were instructed to go au'natural and let the bulk of the lawn grow to seed. It gets plowed to hay a couple times a season by a local farmer. Despite the grumbles of pollen and ticks, it's quite pretty - right now with the whole big yard blazing gold it's somewhat spectacular (in an unspectacular way of course).

I'd only heard of Dandelion Wine from the title of the Bradbury story of the same name. The book is one of the forgotten masses that I picked up to read, at least once, but never finished.

Anyways, google be damned, seems Dandelion Wine can be quite a delight. I think I'll attempt it.

Stay tuned....

~Salut Linny

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